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I grew up in Mumbai,Nashik and Pune. My childhood home was a part of radical and intellectual circle of that time where many activists, scholars and artists met. I feel that these influences from the childhood environment have always helped me to walk my road.

I went to study at National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad. I work as a freelance artist, filmmaker and teacher with social movements, organizations, publishing houses and academic institutions. Every human experience intrigues me  and it interests me to observe people in their environments. The stories everywhere drive me to engage in the process of  image making through drawings, films, photographs, writing and music.

I want to continue to work with the indigenous communities in the contemporary conflicting situations in India. I wish to explore the methods and forms of recording,documenting and understanding people and their environment in an involved, artistic,collaborative, non-hierarchical and  just way.

I sing and learn Indian classical and folk music.

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